Fingerprints Of The Gods: The International Bestseller From the Creator of Netflix’s ‘Ancient Apocalypse’.

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Fingerprints Of The Gods: The International Bestseller From the Creator of Netflix’s ‘Ancient Apocalypse’.

Fingerprints Of The Gods: The International Bestseller From the Creator of Netflix’s ‘Ancient Apocalypse’.

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Like the 140-foot ocean-going vessel found buried beside the Great Pyramid at Giza (see Chapter Thirty-three), one thing was immediately clear about the Abydos boats-they were of an advanced design capable of riding out the most powerful waves and the worst weather of the open seas. Under such circumstances, the hypothesis suggests that a huge and ambitious building project would have been one way cult members could preserve and transmit scientific information into the future independently of their physical survival. Our children will be aware of this too, without experiencing it directly, and they will pass it on to their children. He entered into the favourite divine palace of Indra and saw thousands of flying vehicles intended for the Gods lying at rest.

Since I have learned to respect those long-forgotten and still only hazily identified Newtons and Shakespeares and Einsteins of the last Ice Age, I think it would be foolish to disregard what they seem to be saying. Even Indra, the Lord of Heaven, came with a special type of flying vehicle which could accommodate 33 divine beings. Could the Piri Reis maps be evidence for a previously unknown complex maritime civilisation, capable of mapping the globe? What might be salvaged from this wreckage of a wisdom cult which had itself been salvaged from a greater wreck?Pringle draws attention to Fingerprints' "wild speculations" on the origins of Tiwanaku and describes Hancock as a "fabulist". Tiwanaku was a planned city which, according to UNESCO, reached its peak between 400 AD and 900 AD, [5] but is assigned an earlier date by Hancock. The flames of the Brahmastra-charged missiles mingled with each other and surrounded by fiery arrows they covered the earth, heaven and space between and increased the conflagration like the fire and the Sun at the end of the world … All beings who were scorched by the Brahmastras, and saw the terrible fire of their missiles, felt that it was the fire of Pralaya [the cataclysm] that burns down the world.

Openers of the way, guardians of the spirits of the dead, I knew that they had played a central role in the mysteries of Osiris that had been enacted each year at Abydos-apparently throughout the span of Ancient Egyptian history. On my right was Paul Sifki, a ninety-six-year-old Hopi elder of the Spider clan, and a leading spokesman of the traditions of his people. But then they all quite abruptly disappeared due to the end of the Ice Age that saw melting ice became floods. The Sagittarian archaeologists would not only have to use their wits to work out the meaning of the message (i. Hopi Indian Reservation, May 1994: Across the high plains of Arizona, for days and days and days, a desolate wind had been blowing.

Located at Abydos, eight miles west of the present course of the Nile, this is the Temple of Seti I, a monarch of the illustrious nineteenth Dynasty, who ruled from 1306-1290 BC.

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