Renegade Game Studios Renegade Game Studio | Architects of the West Kingdom | Board Game | Ages 12+ | 1 to 5 Players | 60 to 80 Minutes Playing Time

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Renegade Game Studios Renegade Game Studio | Architects of the West Kingdom | Board Game | Ages 12+ | 1 to 5 Players | 60 to 80 Minutes Playing Time

Renegade Game Studios Renegade Game Studio | Architects of the West Kingdom | Board Game | Ages 12+ | 1 to 5 Players | 60 to 80 Minutes Playing Time

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Once you get past that first awkward game though I think you’ll find Architects of the West Kingdom is worth the repeat play. In this way, players can control their opponent’s supply of workers, forcing them either to pay to get their workers back, or limit their options significantly until you hand them over at the Guardhouse. Raiders was built on a one-two punch where you had to assign one worker then take another away, a great idea where single moves would allow you to claim something for yourself while denying it to a rival. Each player takes a player board and a set of workers in their colour, placing all 20 onto their board. I still have a hard time believing this, and I’m not ready to shell out money for the game if this is really true.

The first thing that pops with this game is the wonderful, vibrant and slightly quirky artwork of The Mico. The mechanisms are light and the turns are super fast, so in that regard the game and its presence do sync up rather well. Also, if you find yourself in prison when the black-market resets, if you have the most workers there, you’ll be gaining debt. Do you cash in captured workers or grab some more and seek to put them in prison just before the black market is resolved?The higher you are at the end, the more points you’ll score (7VP at most, or lose -9VP if you’re at the bottom)! It’s not all plain sailing though, as the other architects (your rival players) are out to do the same. The Cathedral will be a big draw for most people with the promise of points written on the board, but those who invest in building cards will find rewards in points too. It’s not to your benefit to have fifty pieces stone on your player board if all you’ll ever need is ten. But your workers can be detained and put in jail, which means you have to start over – not to mention getting your workers back.

Few games though make you calculate the risk and reward against a pivot point in someone else’s head. Finally, this expansion included new building and apprentice cards, both of which can simply be combined with the base game’s cards. What do people think of this solo and do the expansions add to the game for solo play, are they necessary for it to be fun at all?While your opponent can free their workers directly from you, it’s pretty expensive to do so, where they have to pay money. They also have different starting setups; Caroline for instance starts with ten silver and eight workers already in prison. The right-most space costs 3x silver and 1x Virtue and you gain the resources stated on the ‘larger’ market. Captured workers belonging to other players are held on your player board, either until you turn them at the Gatehouse for a reward, or until the owning players pay to release them.

This deluxe Collector's Box is designed to fit Architects, Works of Wonder, Age of Artisans, and all additional content, such as promos and metal coins. A review copy of Architects of the West Kingdom was provided by Asmodee Nordics in exchange for a fair and honest review. I wasn’t sure how well a deck of cards could play a game like this, but it was actually fairly challenging. The new Guildhall overlay includes the icons for crafting but, more importantly, has added an icon that discards the two far-left apprentices on the Main Board.Two Influence can be spent to prevent one virtue loss or reduce a cost by two Silver, while four Influence can reduce a cost by one gold or marble. Conversely, if you get too high a reputation, you can’t be seen cavorting around with the criminal underworld, so you avoid the black market like the plague. Artisans does add some help to the AI in that they now will get points when adding workers to the guildhall. A few underhanded deals here and there might not seem like much, but fall too far and you will be punished.

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